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The Poetix Finale

Updated: Calendar, Venues, Reviews (2/1/18)

Poetix Farewell

By G. Murray Thomas

In 1994 I started Next..., a newsmagazine for Southern California poetry. The centerpiece of the magazine was a monthly calendar of poetry events throughout SoCal. The calendar proved to be immensely popular, the most popular part of the magazine, which also included news, reviews, and interviews.

When I folded the magazine in 1998, I continued to publish the calendar on the internet. In 2000, the calendar was folded into Poetix.net, a poetry webzine founded by Larry Jaffe. Poetix was eventually taken over by Mifanwy Kaiser, of Tebot Bach, Larry Colker, and Richard Modiano. For over fifteen years, Poetix has published the calendar, along with poetry reviews and commentary.

In recent years, it seems that Poetix, and the calendar, have become less and less useful to the SoCal poetry community. Hosts no longer send us their listings, and fewer and fewer poets reference the calendar. Other sources of information, especially Facebook, have replaced our webpage.
In 2015 we ceased publishing a monthly calendar, replacing it with a list of regularly occuring poetry readings, and of venues which host poetry events. But even that has proved difficult to keep accurately updated. I began to wonder if Poetix served any purpose any more.

Now, both Larry Colker and myself are moving out of SoCal. It seems like time to end this enterprise. This is the final update of the listings and reviews, which may be good for six months or so.

It has been a good ride keeping you all informed for 20+ years. Thank you for all the support over that time. Maybe someone else will step up to that task.