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Use this Two Column Template as necessary. | by Your Name

Posted January 1, 2XXX

floating picture

Float photos on the right side, complete with caption.

This template works well for article pages.

The article text will wrap around the photo if it gets longer. Currently, the photo is set to only have a 300 pixel width. There is another option (for a vertical photo) for a 200 pixel width, and another option for a 120 pixel width for smaller photos. The larger floating photo areas work best for the two column template because the content area in the three column template is too narrow. All photos must either be 300, 200, or 120 pixels wide. If you need a different photo size, you'll need to edit the style sheet. See the Getting Started page for details on placing photos and modifying the style sheet.

The Getting Started page also includes instructions on the other special styles included with this template, such as the title, article summary/by-line area, posted date, and more.

Links: Getting Started, Three Column Template